The Author

I am 69-years old and have had the opportunity to serve in church music ministries much of my life. Besides my mother’s example, over the years individual men and teams of teachers at the Haskell (TX) Singing School and the Texas Normal Singing School (TNSS) were strong influences. I have been a Music Theory and Songwriting instructor with TNSS since 1998. My prayer is that our children’s lives will be touched at an early age by these teachings so that they will become God’s people, influenced positively by Christian peers and society rather than the world.

Music is the language through which we communicate using sound, sight and emotion. The lyrics carry the meaning and impact to us, and those around us, when we consider the meaning these words convey. Our Lord is among us when we are singing or listening. Each person may be affected differently by the songs; however, our hope is that the meaning will bring encouragement to others, praise to God or speak our needs as a prayer through the Spirit.

In addition to the lyrics, the music can invoke feelings of comfort, peace, joy, foreboding, introspection, and so much more. In combination the lyrics and music speak volumes to the singer and the audience. It can invoke memories, define hopes, drive longings and create a sense of purpose and belonging with others and the Lord.

To bring sacred music into the lives of children is to lead them to see how the love of God, Jesus and the Spirit draws them closer to the Lord and to those around them. These observations become the basis for their desire to develop friendships, relationships, which will help them grow in love for their Savior and the rest of those in the body. This also spills over to their relationships beyond the church structure just as Christ related to everyone with whom he had contact.